How to prevent Chafing as a Delivery Driver

A common problem for Delivery Drivers is Chafing and at times an itchy backside also caused by the same problem. Drivers doing multi drop run’s are constantly in and out of the vehicle where they get sweaty from delivering products then end up straight back into the drivers seat where moisture is then trapped for a period of time which can cause a fungal infection.

The reason chafing occurs is from moisture. But also from soap and dirt. So looking at the issue logically one would first address how to minimise as much moisture as possible. lets consider ultra marathon bike riders for a second. They wear high end bike shorts without underwear because the strategy is to let the moisture expel through the shorts, the wind evaporates the moisture and the shorts are made to cradle the groin area to minimise friction. However most drivers wear long cotton pants that retain moisture followed by sitting in a vehicle with little airflow so I would argue, groin chaffing is far more common among delivery drivers.

Below is a list of simple tips to minimise Chafing. Naturally, the best options is something you can incorporate into your daily habit seamlessly so you can overcome this problem forever.

If you feel good, and look good, you will feel comfortable and naturally come across as more professional when doing your job.

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