Ultimate Hotshot Vehicle

The Ultimate Hotshot Vehicle is a vehicle that needs to be built to the highest safety standards in Australia. It not only needs to meet mine and drilling rig site requirements, but it also needs to protect a driver that’s driving long and irregular hours. Safety is crucial in the build.

Equally important is the application of how the vehicle will be used. For the most part, hotshots are less than a pallet size. A payload of 500 kg – 1000 kg is completely acceptable. Keeping the vehicle smaller in size decreases the kilometre rate and helps keep the service cost competitive. The Ultimate Hotshot Vehicle could be in the middle of peak hour traffic in the city, negotiating heavy thunderstorms with torrential rain and hail, driving long hours in over 40 degree temperature, driving gingerly with dozens of kangaroo’s feeding on the sides of the road or off-road entirely driving on corrugation, sand and rock.

Reliability and trust in the brand must stand at the fore front for picking the right Hotshot Vehicle. Because lets face it, breaking down at 2 am in the morning, in the middle of no where, is the stuff of nightmares. After a few weeks of research and listening to what the industry had to say the 2021 Toyota Hilux SR5 was chosen.

The SR5 comes standard with lane departure technology. This is important because we need to know what that vehicle is going to do if the driver were to fall asleep at the wheel. Toyota explains ~ The lane departure alert2 function will warn the driver if the system detects that the car has deviated from its lane with visual and audible alerts and steering wheel vibration. If necessary, it will also provide steering assistance via the braking system. And from what we understand, followed by emergency breaking if the driver doesn’t respond. This is not the same as the D-max with the so called “smarter system”. Isuzu explains ~ Lane Departure Prevention is activated if the vehicle is about to depart from the drivers lane. The system assists by steering the vehicle in the correct direction to help prevent lane departure. This makes us a little nervous, There is not a whole lot of trust in the D-max brand due to the issues they had with their previous models. Now they are getting all fancy. We just can’t help but imagine, what if this system malfunctions, the sensor gets covered in bugs and it turns too hard when towing a heavy trailer and inconsequentially puts the vehicle into a roll. It’s impossible to really know. We just know, we don’t want to be the first to try it. There is a lot of optimism in the new D-Max and it’s a vehicle we took very seriously but we believe the model needs more time to mature to build trust in the market.

Extra’s included on the SR5 order; Steel Bull Bar with Side Rails, Snorkel and Protective Light Covers, Tow Ball and Weather Shields. Delivery date is expected for December 2020.

A special thank you to Mohammed Khan from Southside Toyota for your exceptional service and professionalism. Mohammed gets sales right by intelligently helping the buyer along the journey of purchasing their desired vehicle with a friendly, honest and informative approach. Supply’s Transport would strongly encourage anyone wishing to purchase a Toyota to speak to Mohammed.

Now, If you have ever had the misfortune of needing to pull up and sleep in a Ute or vehicle of any kind. You will appreciate the room an Extra Cab allows to put your seat back and stretch out a little. So going with the Extra Cab was strategic to allow the driver to put the seat back whilst retaining as much payload real estate as possible.

Out of all the high end driving lights, Stedi was the most market competitive and has an outstanding product available with these LED Type X Pro driving lights. They have a selection of colored lens rings and a range of protective covers to pick from. We had some questions and Stedi were quick to respond. We have gone with the red rings and clear protective cover so the driver isn’t forever pulling them off and on. Having good driving lights is important to minimise eye strain and driver fatigue. There is literally nothing worse than driving down a secluded country road, dodging road kill from semi trailers and your inferior factory lights make every weird looking shrub look like a kangaroo, giving you mild anxiety.

Duratray is supplying and fitting an unpainted galvanized steel tray. If this vehicle is going to go anywhere near a mine site Manitou with a telescopic boom than it needs a tray body that can withstand a little nudge and rub. Granted, it add’s weight to the chassis by lowering the overall load capacity but the extra weight will also help with traction on the back end when running around empty, in the wet.

Ultimate LED Lights have a very clean mine spec bar with rear work lights, reverse alarm and amber rotating light. The thing we love about this light bar is it there is no orange lens. The low profile of the light helps keep the overall vehicle height down for better height clearance. And lets face it, if we are building the Ultimate Hotshot Vehicle, We need the Ultimate LED Light Bar.

To be continued in…