Ultimate Hotshot Vehicle

Building the Ultimate Hotshot Delivery Vehicle – Part One

The Ultimate Hotshot Vehicle is a vehicle that needs to enter high risk construction, mine or drilling rig work site, make the delivery and leave the site whilst meeting all site safety protocols. In order to do this, we need to build a vehicle that meets the highest safety standards in Australia. But it’s not just First Aid kits and Flags we need to worry about here. It’s important we don’t fill up the tray with roll over bar protection, fire extinguishers and multiple spare tires and completely eliminate it’s purpose of carrying a load.


What is a Hotshot?

I would define a Hotshot as: When a transport vehicle travels directly from point A to point B for one freight item or order that is not a full load and the customer pays for the vehicle in its entirety due to the importance and urgency of which those item/s are needed. For example, it’s a spare part for a break down. Generally, once a hotshot is quoted and approved, the vehicle needs to be on route ASAP.


Supply’s Long Distance Driver Fatigue Tips

If your not driving every day, chances are your going to get tired much quicker than someone that drives regularly. It usually takes a couple of weeks to become conditioned to driving long distances.
Sleep debt works both ways, if you sleep eleven hours tonight, I’m sure tomorrow you will be up later than usual. Same goes for the latter. If you stay up driving half the night. Be prepared to give your body a long rest the next night to repay that debt.

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